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We have 4 very distinct Seasons that allow you to enjoy some of the highest quality outdoor experiences in Atlantic Canada. The clean, crisp, fresh air is what draws many people to the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

You can see some of our spectacular scenery and wildlife in the Photo Gallery.
Our winters are blessed with mountains of fresh snow and lots of sunshine which provides great opportunity for some family fun! Go outside and make a snowman or jump on your snowmobile and ride for miles and miles on our freshly groomed snowmobile trails! Skiing and Snowshoeing are some of the ways that people on the Northern Peninsula keep fit during the winter months! Our winters usually extend from late October to mid April.
Springtime is usually consists of lots of sunny days! Most of the snow has disappeared by late April, however, many people take their snowmobiles to the top of the Long Range Mountains were the sun is at its hottest.
Our summers are mainly sunny and there is almost always a cool breeze coming off the ocean. Mainly because of all the massive Icebergs sailing down through the Strait of Belle Isle beginning usually during June that are amazing to see! A lot of residents as well as visitors enjoy fishing on our peaceful lakes and World Class Salmon Rivers. Others like to take their families on a hike and stop along the way for a picnic! Summer is also our biggest tourism season. The Northern Peninsula has 2 UNESCO Heritage sites as well as many more attractions and activities!
Fall is a beautiful season on the Northern Peninsula due to all the colorful trees in the background of each community! Many people enjoy ATV rides, Hunting and any other activity to get them outdoors.
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