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Local schools are part of the Newfoundland and Labrador public school system and offer free education to all students from kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12). Schools are located throughout the region and busing is provided for K-12 students. Schools in the region operate under the Western District School Board.

There are three levels in the Canadian Public School System:

  1. Elementary School – Kindergarten to Grade 6,
  2. Junior High School – Grades 7 – 9; and,
  3. Senior High School – Grades 10 – 12

The Provincial Department of Education is responsible for early childhood learning, the K-12 system, post-secondary education and skills training, and adult literacy. Detailed information about educational opportunities and the curriculum for our schools can be found on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador website, on the Department of Education page.
Post-secondary campuses are located in St. Anthony and Corner Brook. Distance learning is also an option for adults who wish to continue their education. Many of our teachers and nurses have used distance education to get the courses they need to advance their careers. Memorial University and College of the North Atlantic both have well developed distance learning programs.

Schools in the Region
- James Cook Memorial
- Holy Cross All Grade School
- HG Fillier Academy
- Canon Richards Memorial Academy
- Truman Eddison Memorial
- Mary Simms All Grade
- Viking Trail Academy (K-12)
- French Shore Academy (K-12)
- Gros Morne Academy (K-12)
- Cloud River Academy
- College of the North Atlantic
- White Hills Academy
- Bayview Regional Collegiate
- Jakeman All-Grade School
- Bonne Bay Academy (K-12)
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