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On the Great Northern Peninsula we have a pretty relaxed lifestyle. We love the outdoors and making good use of our amazing surroundings! Our communities are safe, friendly and family oriented with all the modern services.

Newfoundland and Labrador is known around the world for the welcoming nature of our people. Our culture is rooted in music, storytelling, and a strong sense of community. Our small communities are safe and secure, set in a spectacular landscape. Our low crime rate is due to our strong sense of community and concern for our neighbours.
The Great Northern Peninsula offers you an opportunity to become part of the community, to build a life in a place you can call home. Our region offers an excellent and affordable quality of life. The cost of living is considerably lower than most of the larger centres in Canada, such as Toronto or Vancouver.

Our communities are built on a traditional rural way of life, but today are well-connected through modern roads, telecommunications, and internet service. The fishery is still the mainstay of our economy, but you will find people in every community who work in the arts, information technology, medicine, education, tourism and many other sectors of the economy.
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