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Grandois-St. Juliens26
Main Brook243
Roddickton-Bide Arm999
Grandois-St. Juliens
Population: 26
Yes Cell phone service
No DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
No Postal services
No Town Water & Sewer Hook-up
No Water & sewer
No Campground
No Convenience items
No Food service
No Gasoline
No Groceries
No Pharmacy
Travel by road to main centres...
Corner Brook432 km(259 mi)
Deer Lake381 km(229 mi)
St Anthony119 km(71 mi)
St. Juliens was a fishing community and was used by the French settlers in the eighteen hundreds. When the French resettled they left behind a variety of artifacts which are present to this day. St. Juliens witnessed an out migration since the closure of the cod fishery in 1992. There is an historical church that has an altar that was partly carved by a gentleman with a pocket knife in the early nineteen hundreds. This church has been restored and has been visited by people from all over the world. There is a French bread oven at the end of a walking trail in St. Julien's. There are rocks remaining in the location where the French dried their fish. A trail leads to rings in the cliff where the French tied up their boats. The community offers a boat tour that can take people to the sites and also to the Fishot islands another French settlement and an ideal place to visit.
Facilities & Services
No services.
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