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Eddies Cove West41
Hawke's Bay315
Port au Choix789
Port Saunders674
River of Ponds215
River of Ponds
Population: 215
Subregion: Igornachoix
Yes Cell phone service
Yes DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
No Town Water & Sewer Hook-up
Yes Water & sewer
Yes Campground
Yes Convenience items
No Food service
Yes Gasoline
Yes Groceries
No Pharmacy
Note: The Town provides water services but sewage services are private systems only
Travel by road to main centres...
Corner Brook243 km(146 mi)
Deer Lake192 km(115 mi)
St Anthony226 km(136 mi)
River of Ponds derives its name from the river that flows from a number of ponds in the area extending from the foot of the Long Range Mountain to the ocean. It is a scheduled fishing river well known for its salmon and trout fishing.

River of Ponds Park is popular in the region. As in case of most communities in the area, berry pickers will find raspberries, blueberries, partridge berries, bakeapples, gooseberries, marsh berries, and dog berries.

Community and business services for River of Ponds include a K-12 school, French Shore Academy and a public library with public internet access – Community Access Centre (located 33kms north in Port Saunders). A number of fishing enterprises work out of River of Ponds and their fishing stores/sheds are located along the town's shoreline. In addition, recreational services that are available include a ballfield, playground, community hall and trail. Health care is provided in Port Saunders (33 kms south). Other community services include a post office and fire services. Business services include coffee shop, grocery/convenience stores, fish plant and accomodations. Additional business services are found in the towns of Hawkes Bay, Port Saunders and Port au Choix.

The coastline is an interesting part of River of Ponds. From the beach visitors can witness breathtaking sunsets on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Nature lovers can observe moose, caribou, loons, sea ducks, and more. Located on the Viking Trail - Route 430, the town makes an interesting stop along the Great Northern Peninsula.
Facilities & Services
Recreation Facilities:
· River of Ponds Ball Field
· River of Ponds Playground
Religious Institutions:
· St. Peter's Anglican Church
· Trinity Pentecostal Church
More Shopping:
· Accommodations
· Bakery / Coffee Shop
· Construction Services and Contractors
· General Retail
Volunteer Service Groups:
· River of Ponds Fire Brigade
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