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Bartlett's Harbour
Population: 125
Yes Cell phone service
No DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
No Town Water & Sewer Hook-up
No Water & sewer
No Campground
Yes Convenience items
No Food service
Yes Gasoline
Yes Groceries
No Pharmacy
Travel by road to main centres...
Corner Brook318 km(191 mi)
Deer Lake268 km(161 mi)
St Anthony161 km(97 mi)
Bartlett's Harbour is located on a rocky shallow inlet on the north side of St. John Bay. It was named after Robert Bartlett who settled Bartlett's Harbour in the 1800's to fish. Bartlett's Harbour was a prosperous community that supported fishing and trapping for generations. There was also a lobster cannery that employed at one time thirty nine people. It was during this time that Bartlett's Harbour served as port of call to coastal boats and lumber schooners.

In 1881, the population was recorded as being eight people, all Roman Catholic. In 1943, the first school was built. It was difficult to retain teachers in this area and it soon closed. Since then, Bartlett's Harbour has continued to survive through fishing.

Community and business services for Bartlett's Harbour include a K-12 school, Viking Trail Academy (located 17 kms north in Plum Point). Health care is provided in Port Saunders (54 kms south). A Canada Post Mail Box and retail store/gas bar are available. Community, recreational and other business services are found in the towns of Port Saunders, Port au Choix and Hawkes Bay 54 kms to the south or Plum Point 17 kms to the north.

Visitors to Bartlett's Harbour will enjoy the scenery and wildlife found in the area.
Facilities & Services
Religious Institutions:
· Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Volunteer Service Groups:
· Harbour Authority
· Local Service Committee
· Recreation Committee
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