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Blue Cove
Population: 60
Yes Cell phone service
Yes DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
No Town Water & Sewer Hook-up
No Water & sewer
No Campground
No Convenience items
No Food service
No Gasoline
No Groceries
No Pharmacy
Travel by road to main centres...
Corner Brook334 km(200 mi)
Deer Lake283 km(170 mi)
St Anthony136 km(82 mi)
Blue Cove is a small community located on Route 430, near Plum Point. It is 1 km north of Old Ferolle Island or Darby's Island as it is commonly referred to. Blue Cove was first inhabited by the French in the 1800's as they fished along the French Shore. Blue Cove was a prosperous fishing community for many years with great involvement in the seal hunt, lobster fishery, cod fishery, and winter wood harvesting.

In 1911 Blue Cove is recorded as being named Blue Guts Cove, but "GUTS" was dropped from the name in 1912 when it was settled by the Pittman's of Seal Cove.

Since the 1980's, Blue Cove has become an inshore fishing community. It also had a general store, but now utilizes services from nearby Plum Point. There are also two community stages and a government wharf in Blue Cove which demonstrates the importance of the fishery to the community.

Community and business services for Blue Cove residents include a K-12 school, Viking Trail Academy (located 4kms in Plum Point). Health care is provided in Port Saunders at the Rufus Guinchard Health Centre, 114 kms south or Straits of Belle Isle Clinic Flowers Cove Clinic 36 kms north. Regional fire service is based in Bird Cove.

Additional community, recreational and business services are found in the communities in the Plum Point/St. Barbe area and south (115 kms) in Hawkes Bay, Port au Choix & Port Saunders.
Facilities & Services
Public Services:
· Harbour Authority
Volunteer Service Groups:
· Fishermen’s Committee
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