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Black Duck Cove
Population: 180
Tel: 709) 877-2350
Yes Cell phone service
Yes DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
No Town Water & Sewer Hook-up
No Water & sewer
No Campground
No Convenience items
No Food service
No Gasoline
Yes Groceries
No Pharmacy
Travel by road to main centres...
Corner Brook347 km(208 mi)
Deer Lake297 km(178 mi)
St Anthony126 km(76 mi)
Black Duck Cove is a fishing community located 1.3 kms of Route 430. It was the site chosen by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell, the founder of the Grenfell mission, to build the first mission school in the region. It had a post office for fifty years, which was passed down through three generations.

The first settlers to Black Duck Cove were two fishermen, William Dredge and George Coombs. Today a large percentage of the residents in the community still work in the fishing industry. The community has a fish plant that supports its economy. Black Duck Cove is also known for its traditional accordion players.

Community and business services for Black Duck Cove residents include a K-12 school, Viking Trail Academy (located 25 kms in Plum Point. Health care is provided in Port Saunders at the Rufus Guinchard Health Centre, 130 kms south or Straits of Belle Isle Clinic Flowers Cove Clinic 20 kms north. Regional fire service is based in Plum Point. Additional community, recreational and business services are found in the communities in the Plum Point/St. Barbe area and south (130 kms) in Hawkes Bay, Port au Choix & Port Saunders.

There is an abundance of wildlife throughout the region for visiting tourists and a number of hiking trails that presents community and the coastline scenery.
Facilities & Services
Public Services:
· Fire Department
· Harbour Authority
Religious Institutions:
· St. Mary’s the Virgin Anglican Church
Volunteer Service Groups:
· Black Duck Cove Development Committee
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